McGovern Foundation Repairs

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We Specialize in Foundation Leveling

McGovern Foundation Repairs is a leveling, shoring and elevation company based in Harahan, LA. We bring slab and wood frame homes back to their original levels for your safety and comfort.

The Main Sources of Foundation Issues

Houses get out of level due to sinking or as a result of poor construction. We can meet you onsite and offer free repair estimates, and handle any type of foundation problem on wood frame and slab homes.

You can examine your house to determine whether or not you need your house leveled with this checklist:

  • Cracks in Exposed Concrete at the Bottom of the House
  • Cracks in the Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Roof Leaks

  • The House is Leaning
  • Windows and Doors That Don't Open and Close Properly

The Leveling Process

During an initial site visit, level readings are taken to determine how much the house has settled over time. These level readings are used throughout the leveling process as a base point to assess the changes once the leveling process begins.

The leveling process starts by tunneling under the foundation where indicated by the engineering plans. Our piling system uses 8 x 8 concrete blocks that link together and are pushed down under the foundation using a jacking machine that is placed between the slab and the block. Using the weight of the structure, we push down one block on top of another, linking each block to the next repeatedly until we hit refusal. We then use steel shims between the piling and the structure.

Final level readings are taken to measure the difference between the slab to compare to the levels taken before the leveling occurred. The tunnels are then backfilled and the site is cleaned.

About Us

Our owner, Shaun McGovern, has more than 20 years of experience in the shoring business. We are a third-generation company that started with Shaun’s grandfather in 1979. He was renowned for having one of the biggest shoring companies in the metro area pre-Katrina named A-1 House Leveling, Inc.

Shaun’s wife Heidi, is a former Certified Floodplain Manager with more than eight years of shoring and elevation experience. She has also worked with Severe Repetitive Loss and Hazzard Mitigation Grant Programs in Jefferson and Orleans Parish.